Unlicensed Firearm Owner Deported


In an Order dated 31 January, His Excellency Governor Augustus Jaspert ordered the deportation of Jhancarlo Castillo Saliche, a man who was convicted of a gun related charge.

It was stated that Jhancarlo Castillo Saliche got entangled with the law when he was found with a weapon and was convicted of the offence of keeping a Firearm without a license which is punishable with imprisonment of three months or more.

It was stated that the Governor, acting after consultation with the Chief Immigration Officer stated that Saliche was deemed a person whose presence in the Territory would be undesirable and not conducive to the public good.

In making the Order Governor Jaspert announced that Saliche was required to leave the Territory of the Virgin Islands on or before the expiration of seven days from the date on which a copy of the order was served on him by an immigration officer or a police officer and thereafter to remain out of the Territory.

“I do further order that the said Jhancarlo Castillo Saliche be placed on board the first available ship or aircraft about to leave the Territory and that the said Saliche may be detained until he is placed on a ship or an aircraft, unless he appeals to the Governor in writing against the making of this order before the expiration of the said period of seven days,” the Governor further stated.