Unhealthy Diet Is The Problem: Cancer Society President Says


President of the BVI Cancer Society, Gloria Fahie announced that cancer is on the rise in the BVI and that the Society has decided to nip the disease in the bud by educating the young.
During an interview with The Island Sun newspaper Ms. Fahie announced that the Cancer Society plans to take a proactive approach to stymie the increase of cancer in the Territory.
“We are concentrating on young people, because we maintain that we have to do something about our diet. If not we could be up and down preaching, teaching, having health fairs; but if we don’t tackle the kids from an early age, if we don’t get the parents on board first of all; and have their children eating properly everything that we are doing will be like we are fighting against the grain,” she said

The Cancer Society President announced that this year the organization plans to go into the schools to educate on the importance of nutrition: “I keep advocating that the schools have a lot of vendors selling all sorts of food, but is the food healthy? Our children are eating too many fried foods, and too many sugary foods,” she added.

Ms. Fahie said that the Society’s concern surrounds the rise of other diseases not just cancer. “Probably we don’t know the statistics as yet, but the health situation of the BVI is a concern of mine, not only cancer but diabetes as well. These are very expensive diseases and if we can nip it from the bud we will save this Territory a lot of money and we would also improve lifestyle and people will live longer.”

The Cancer Society President applauded the Government sponsored school intervention programme that has a similar lifestyle education aim and announced that it is important that chronic diseases are stopped before they begin: “We have to start somewhere. It is about time we stop talking and do the walk. We need to be more proactive and dive right into it.”