“Under a Fraser Administration, no one will be left out”


JULIAN-FRASER-2015-aChairman of the Virgin Islands Party, Hon. Julian Fraser announced that his party lost the 2011 general elections not because of what the National Democratic Party (NDP) did right, but because of what the Virgin Islands Party (VIP) did wrong.

In his address to the audience at the campaign launch of VIP Ninth District Candidate, Elton “All Out” Sprauve, Hon. Fraser said that he now knows that the Party must do the right thing, so they can fight their opponents. “I am now fully confident that I have positioned this Party to win this election.”

The VIP Chair also announced that there is a culture of disrespect being exhibited by members of the opposing Party, and he stated that the culture was cultivated during the 2011 elections. “The culture of disrespect which first surfaced in the elections campaign of 2011 when a candidate referred to the territory’s sitting Deputy Premier as “an empty kerosene pan”, and later another who is today a sitting Minister referred to the then sitting Premier (your Representative), as “an emperor without clothes”, continues to this day. As you would have heard the lawless rants and raves, including name calling from the NDP when referring to us during this campaign.”

Hon. Fraser referred to the Bible in his address and quoted a verse to the audience: “In the book of Mathew, the scripture tells us: ‘Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves. This party will not stoop to the level of ill-repute, we must remain focused and be the bigger person for we are on a mission to serve, and not be served. No one in this Party must ever feel that they are above anyone, including the man on the street.”

He also announced that the NDP is running scared while the VIP is running to win: “My People of the Ninth District, it is clear that the NDP is running scared, while the VIP is running to win. Our systems are crumbling before our eyes and those who are responsible feel more comfortable doing what will get them elected than doing what they were elected for.”

VIP Plans

In outlining some of the plans of his Party, Hon. Fraser announced that first the VIP must lead the way on its journey through the 21st century by moving with urgency to begin to reorganize the education system to ensure that Virgin Islanders are capable of managing the maritime and yachting industries in partnership with investors and stakeholders.

The plans according to Hon. Fraser include: “The establishment of a Maritime and Oceanographic Sciences Curriculum, together with a supporting Maritime Academy, where Virgin Islanders will be trained full time in all aspects of the maritime industry. The VIP will build a new junior high school to address overcrowding, indiscipline, and other issues that impact the education system. The VIP will establish a Ministry of Homeland Security which will umbrella all the government entities protecting our borders.”

“The VIP will seek to create a food efficient economy, through a new model of agriculture that builds incentives and efficiencies into the system. Agriculture in the Virgin Islands is an industry that has not been leveraged effectively over the years. It is an industry capable of creating new businesses, and that will generate employment opportunities for our people. Let me close by assuring you that The VIP has solid solutions for the Virgin Islands, solutions that mean that every Virgin Islander and resident will be included in the future of this country. When you have a stake in the place you call home, you will care about it. Under a Fraser Administration, no one will be left out.”