Unauthorized Vendors Remain A Problem


Vending, and unauthorized advertising continues to plague the Office of the City Manager. Last year efforts were made to stem the issue of vending around the City with the reopening of the Market Square, but a recent interview confirmed that new vendors and the water selling trend reignited the issue.

In an interview with The Island Sun newspaper City Manager Mrs. Janice Brathwaite-Edwards said that her Office continues to address the situation of unauthorized posting of signs around the capital.

She said that in an effort to fix the issue once and for all her office will be having a meeting with a popular sign printing company to see how best the Office of the City Manager can move forward with plans to stem unauthorized advertising in the City.

“We have a concern that people put stuff up because they want to advertise, but there is a process,” the City Manager said.

The issue remains a concern for the Office of the City Manager, even though efforts were made to relocate many vendors last year. In an update of the situation, Mrs. Braitwaite-Edwards said: “The transition of those vendors was successful, but the situation is, you move one vendor, and another one takes up the location.”

“We are actually looking at the policy as to what the policy for vending in the City is going to be, not only that kind of vendor, any kind of vendor including mobile vendors…We are also looking for location so that we can put vendors in a location that would be beneficial to them, beneficial to us; and beneficial to the City of Road Town as it develops,” the City Manager announced.

Water Vending

In addition to the usual vending situation, the Office of the City Manager is also confronted by the new trend of water selling that has become a new matter of concern: “The other process that concerns us gravely at this time is the water selling on the side of the road, it could be dangerous,” Mrs. Brathwaite-Edwards said.

In explaining the dangers associated with roadside water vending, the City Manager said: “We have a lot of situations where you are selling on cross walks, on stop signs and it becomes a problem because pedestrians doing one thing, drivers doing another thing — that becomes very dangerous.”

“There are processes that you need to go through so anyone wanting to sell water should apply to the Office of the City Manager for permission to do so…So we would like people actually to get in touch with the office of the City Manager if you are intending to do any such thing,” the City Manager added.