UK Territories To Stop Child Abuse


UK Territories to Stop Child Abuse

The Joint Ministerial Council 2015 Communiqué the United Kingdom Overseas Territories (OT) has made commitments to ensure the safeguarding of children in the various Territories.

During the meeting, held in the United Kingdom on 1-2 December, the leaders reiterated their commitment to delivering a zero tolerance approach to child abuse in all of its forms, and committed to doing all they can to prevent harm, support victims and bring offenders to justice.

“We agreed that our governments should lead a national response, demonstrating clear leadership and accountability, to ensure a child-centred and coordinated approach to safeguarding based on multi-agency working, information sharing and robust risk assessment,” the communiqué stated.

The leaders of the Overseas Territories outlined a shared intention to strive towards best practice in protecting all children within the respective jurisdictions and agreed to work together towards a Territory led road map and memorandum of understanding, proposed by the Falkand Islands.

“We stressed our determination to put children’s needs at the heart of the safeguarding system, and create environments in which all children have an equal opportunity to flourish. “

Further the Territories committed to Child Safeguarding Reviews throughout the Overseas Territories by the end of 2016, and noted that some of these had already been held while others were being planned.

“We underlined our shared international human rights obligations, and committed to working together to realize the progressive implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women. These will be fundamental to meeting the new Sustainable Development Goals.”