Uk Government Is Aware Of Allegations


The request for a commission of enquiry into the cruise pier project, and the petition regarding alleged improprieties within the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force were brought to the attention of the UK Government.

The mention of the UK Government’s knowledge of the matters was made by MP James Duddridge, Minister for UK Overseas Territories during his visit to the Territory last week.

In a brief sit-down with the media the Minister for Overseas Territories was asked if these issues were discussed when he met His Excellency Governor John Duncan, and to disclose what his concerns were.

In response Minister Duddridge explained that one of the functions of the Governor is to brief Her Majesty’s Government constantly, not just after he has arrived in the Territory.

MP Duddridge commented: “It is perhaps not an issue for the Minister for Overseas Territories, it’s a matter for the Governor, but I will gently say perhaps not an issue for today; but for long term. Having the Governor here as part of the constitutional framework means that the British Government is represented.”

On the other hand the Minister pointed that the two matters are important: “Those are important issues raised, but ones that Westminister Ministers should not be meddling in.

We are aware of them, the Governor is dealing with them alongside the Premier and I think that is the right way for things to happen.”

It was reported in the media that a number of officers from the Royal Virgin Island Police Force signed a petition that was addressed to His Excellency the Governor outlining number of concerns and among other things requesting an inquiry into alleged corruption within the Force.