Two New Policies For Central Administration Complex

Security Officers at the Central Administration Complex Help Desk.

Security Officers at the Central Administration Complex Help Desk.

Friday, August 15 – In an effort to maintain a safe and professional environment, the Facilities Management Unit is implementing a photo ID Policy and Dress code policy for the Central Administration Complex effective September 1.

The first policy states in part: all visitors and employees entering the Central Administration Complex must present a valid Government issued ID card to the security guard at the Help desk. This should be in the form of a passport or Driver’s License. Government employees are required to present their Government ID cards.

According to Facilities Manager, Mr. Arriel Donovan, “Presently visitors are being asked to sign in a visitors log book; however, the security officers have no way of knowing if the person is indeed who they sign in as.”

He continued, “This ID card system is necessary in the event of an emergency or an investigation.”

Additionally, visitors are required to leave their ID card with the security guard when entering the building and in turn will be issued a visitors badge prior to visiting any department or ministry. Once the individual has completed their visit they would return the visitors badge to security and their personal ID card will be returned to them. Delivery personnel should have proper identification of the company they represent.

Government employees are required to present their Government ID card in order to gain access to the Central Administration Complex building. Employees without their ID cards would have to present a valid Government-issued ID card (passport or driver’s license) or would have to seek access through their Supervisor or Department.

The second policy states in par all visitors entering the Central Administration Complex must groom themselves in a manner that is modest, clean and decent when doing business at the Central Administration Complex. The most suitable dress attire is business or business casual.

Mr. Donovan explained that the Central Administration Complex is a business environment and therefore, persons should dress as such; adding, that accommodations will be made for persons with a disability or to accommodate a person’s religious beliefs.

Failure to comply with these new policies will result in the individual not being allowed to enter the compound for any reason.

The Facilities Management Unit believes that all employees and members of the public, visiting the Central Administration Complex should be provided with a clean, comfortable and secure environment.