Two 14-year-olds charged with five business burglaries


Wednesday, March 18 – Two 14-year-old male was charged late last week with the burglary of four businesses in the Valley, Virgin Gorda in a series of break-ins that covered nearly a week at the end of February.

The young men, whose names are being withheld because of their ages, confessed to four burglaries after being interviewed by Police. The two were also charged with criminal trespass. One was also charged with the theft of a bicycle in an unrelated matter.  

Head of Virgin Gorda Police Division Chief Inspector Jacqueline Vanterpool is relieved that arrests were made in these burglaries. “Burglaries are rear in Virgin Gorda. I am pleased that the officers made the links necessary to apprehend the individuals responsible and restore a sense of calm on the island,” she added.