Tvet Participants Are Ready For The Job Market


The young persons who participated to in the Ministry of Education and Culture, and H. Lavity Stoutt Community College’s Technical/Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Apprenticeship Programme retreat that was held on May 27 were informed that the job market is demanding, and that they should be ready to seize any opportunity they are presented.

The young persons who are between the ages of 18-30 were about to embark on internships with local businesses were addressed by President of the College, Dr. Karl Dawson and Minister for Education and Culture Hon. Myron Walwyn.

In his remarks, President Dawson told the students: “Things are tough in the BVI right now and this attachment could be the door to a brighter future for you, it’s open now, the opportunity is there — you have to make sure to take hold of it — do not waste this opportunity.”

“This program was about developing skills and attitude that would make you successful in the workplace. The skills that you have acquired over the last few months will now be put to the test.  This is where the rubber meets the road as they say. Various organizations have agreed to take you in, we are grateful to those organizations for doing so, you should be too, and like that while you are there,” the College President advised.

Dr. Dawson told the group that employers are looking for employees with great attitude, and although skills are good, many employers are willing to teach the person with the right attitude the skills that they need.

Minister for Education, Hon. Walwyn agreed with Dr. Dawson’s comments and admonished the group of youths to make their mark by being excellent and impress their perspective employers: “It’s a difficult time now in the work place, it’s a difficult time right now. Not just for young people but for older persons as well. Not just in the BVI, indeed in the entire world. There is a new premium on competence, good doesn’t cut it anymore, you have to be excellent at what you do,” the Minister said.