Troy Caesar Working On The Next Step Of His Football Career

Troy Caesar controls the ball in a recent game

Troy Caesar controls the ball in a recent game

By Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

When Troy Caesar pulls on his uniform on Friday against conference foe Georgia Military College, he will be seeking not only to help his St. Andrews College team to victory in their instate battle, but also working hard over his last six games, as he’s being eyed by university programs as well as by pro teams.

The sophomore team captain captain didn’t get to play last weekend as Hurricane Matthew wiped out the game against West Georgia, but, he’s looking forward to ending his stint in Georgia on a high note.

“From the summer, I’ve been preparing myself for the season and from the beginning of preseason to this point in time, I’ve been performing very well,” Caesar said. “My coach appointed me captain of the team this year and I have to thank God for that. I have been performing and doing what he has asked me to do. I have two goals for the season, the last coming against Concordia College in our last outing. The first was earlier in our last conference game. We lost, but, I scored the goal that gave us the momentum to try and push to win or draw the game.”

Caesar who plays both center back and defensive midfield, said his play has not gone unnoticed. “My performances have gone very well. Some professional teams and some Division I schools are looking for me right now and some have been asking for video highlights and have been following my game,” he explained. “All in all, I have to give God thanks for giving me the talent and I also have to thank the BVI Football Association for the opportunity to come here for another year, as well as my parents and church. For the last year I’ve been performing at a high level and that has continued this year as well. I’m working hard to score a goal in my next game so that my stats can go up, so I can get more people looking at me from other schools.”

Caesar who’s also captain of the BVI national team, said he has improved every year after leaving home. He said this is as a result of playing with different people from around the world including England, Australia, Egypt and South Africa, which has made him stronger mentally and made him more patient. He added as captain, he has become more of a leader. He said the strongest areas of his game includes his vertical leap.

“I jump really high and no one can out jump me, especially on the corners, that’s how I score most of my goals,” he pointed out. “Every game, a coach will have two players on me. From last year through now, there has been no player that has out jumped me, so that’s one of my strong points along with my aggressiveness and my tackles is one of the most effective asset I have on the team. That’s one of the reasons my coach always puts me at the back because bringing the ball from the air, putting in those tackles are very important in this point in time.”