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Trident Trust 5K Series ends with Lindsay’s record run

Runners taking off in the Trident Trust 5K Series finale at the A. O. Shirley Grounds. The series had different tour stops around Tortola

By Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

After Jermaine “JJ” Ricketts cemented the men’s division title in Saturday’s Trident Trust 5K Series finale when he crossed the finish line at the A. O. Shirley Grounds in 17 minutes and 48.0 seconds, the only suspense left was whether or not Kartina “Kat” Lindsay would improve her own course record for a third time this season, in the series that had tour stops around Tortola.

Lindsay, fourth overall, barreled through the line to stop the clock at 19:16.1, and demolished the 19:52.2 she established last year.

“Good race, I’m really happy with that. Nice one to finish the 5K racing series,” Lindsay told Island Sun Sports. “I was in good shape and 18 minutes was on my mind. I guess I didn’t push the pace in the middle enough but I’m happy with that time.”

Lindsay said there were some runners about 200m in front of her who she focused on, then noticed that they were coming back to her and used them as her target at 3k. “I managed to catch up with Max (Milner), that really helped push the next kilometer,” she said. “He said he was struggling today because I know he’s capable of running a faster time than that. Maybe he knew his legs were done or something.”

Lindsay thanked Road Racing Director Kay Reddy, the Trident Trust team and the volunteers for organizing the event and said it was a great series. “I love getting out and challenging myself, chatting with other runners in the community, it’s such a nice event,” she said. “I would encourage anyone else to join as well.”

Ricketts said it was a good race and thanked everyone for coming out. He said the wind was terrible and in some parts of the race, it was very bad. “Training for me the last couple of weeks was good and I just came out and did my best this morning, even though I wasn’t at my best,” he said. “At the first mile, I was really pushing it into the race and then the wind just came and was giving me a challenge. Going towards Bobby’s and Noel Lloyd Park, it was crazy with the wind. Coming back, I wasn’t pushing very much—I could have done better—but I just took my time and came in.”

Despite losing to Milner two races earlier and Milner dropping out of the last race in Paraquita Bay, Ricketts said he didn’t expect a challenge from him. “I guess he did his best and I’m still proud of him, he did good,” Ricketts said, noting that the series which had different strops around Tortola, was good. “It was adventurous meeting new people because not everyone comes to all the races, it’s always fun, everyone is always supportive and helpful, so it  was good.”

Milner said he found the first mile to be quite tough. “It didn’t happen today,” he said. “The other guy (Ricketts) ran a good race, the winning time was sub 18, in any event, I wouldn’t have gotten down there. Kat came and pushed to the end and that was really good for her.”

Reddy said the wind would have affected any attempt by Ricketts to take down the 17:00 course record. “Well done, JJ,” she said. “Katrina, she smashed it by about 40 seconds so that was one great run for Katrina. All the top runners, Jermaine, Julus (Farley) Max, Jermaine (Bryan), a really great race at the front, just brilliant to see. The advantage of a looped course is the people at the back can see the people at the front as they come into the finish and cheer them on, so it was a really good course today.”

Ricketts and Lindsay were crowned All Comers National Champions while Tuneisha Johnson and Rowan Victor, we crowned BVI National Champions and Sophie Bennett, Walking champion.