Leader of the Opposition and Eight District Representative Hon. Marlon Penn announced that there are complex concerns in relation to the use of the Trellis Bay dock. Hon. Penn stated that the present state of the facility which is located in his District raises liability issues. 

The comment was made to Acting Managing Director (Ag. MD) of the British Virgin Islands Ports Authority Oleanvine Maynard during her appearance before the Standing Finance Committee during deliberations on the 2020 budget. 

During that section of the deliberations it was noted that the Trellis Bay dock which is used as a jetty and barge parking area as well as a port for a Virgin Gorda ferry service and an outer island resort is not under BVIPA control. 

The Leader of the Opposition stated that Trellis Bay was used for commercial operations and he explained that attempts had been made to rectify who was responsible for maintenance and any liability that might occur if something happened on the dock. 

In noting that the present state of the location was troubling, Hon. Penn said: “There was no lighting on the dock and it could be a serious liability for the Government.” 

The Acting Managing Director of BVIPA explained that actions were taken to have that dock placed within the portfolio of the Ports Authority. Ms. Maynard stated that documentation was submitted to the Premier’s Office for that particular section to be vested with the Ports Authority. 

Meanwhile, during a different part of the deliberation Hon. Penn called for lights to be installed.