Trade Dept. To Weed Out Illegal Businesses


The Department of Trade, Investment Promotion and Consumer Affairs will soon be purchasing a vehicle, which among other things will be used for inspections in an attempt to weed out illegal businesses operating in the Territory.

The announcement was made by Junior Minister for Trade and Investment Promotion, Hon. Marlon Penn during the House of Assembly sitting on 24 March. In his Budget Debate contribution, Hon. Penn mentioned that money was allotted to the Trade Department for the purchase of a vehicle.

Hon. Penn told his colleagues: “This (vehicle) will enable the Department to do the necessary supervision to ensure that there are no businesses that are operating illegally, that have people who are claiming to do one thing, and are doing another.”

“We have to ensure that we protect other businesses…We have a lot of persons who run illegal businesses and are cutting into the profit of businesses that are doing legitimate business,” Hon. Penn added.

The Junior Minister of Trade said that the monitoring does not mean that the Department does not encourage economic activity, rather he said that the Trade Department would like to see things done the right way: “We want people to do things the correct way, go through the correct process.”

“Our job is not to penalize persons, but to help persons to go through things the proper way and put the proper structures in place to protect yourself and protect persons in the Territory from liability, because if you are having a business illegally that has implications… injuring someone can create problems for us in the Territory as well. So it is important for us to be able to do that supervision aspect of that Department,” the Junior Minister explained.