Tourist Board Is Confident That BVI Will Have A Good Tourist Season


Deputy Director of the BVI Tourist Board Rhodni Skelton has disclosed some of the rocky patches the Board encountered as it tried to get visitors to the shores of the Territory following the 2017 hurricanes. At a media event last week members of the Board confidently touted that things have improved and that the sector is gearing up for a stellar season.

In recapping the gloom days just encountered the Deputy Director said that following the hurricanes visitors were reluctant to travel to the BVI because they felt that the Territory was in no shape for guests.

He told the media: “After all the we have been doing out there, going all over the world and letting the folks know the BVI is back folks weren’t believing us.” He said that guests would say things like – you guys are only saying that the BVI is back because you want to get this revenue. You want folks to come back in.”

As a result of the reactions Skelton said that the Tourist Board decided to use a different approach to convey the good news that the Territory was back – with the use of a tactic that they refer to as user generated content. This is where members of the BVITB surf the web and find photos of people who visited the BVI and reach out to them to have those photos used for the promotional campaign.

He said that this has been very successful, and is actually cheaper than if the Board had to do photoshoots to capture such experiences.

Meanwhile, it was stated that the Board is preparing to make the upcoming season better than the previous one. According to Trefor Grant who is tasked at the BVI Tourist Board with Product Development announced that a number of additions are being made to visitors sites to improve the tourist experience. Among these additions are the placement of hammocks at certain locations, WIFI and telescopes.

“We have endeavored on making certain key areas WIFI hotspots. We are doing the Craft Alive Village, the Road Town seaport is WIFI ready, The Baths is in the process and also Cane Garden Bay is ready,” Grant announced.

He also noted that telescopes are being installed in various areas of the BVI. He said, “These were a huge hit, especially over in Anegada…There are four other sites we want to add these. It really enhances the guests experience because they get to see different things from a different vantage point. We are going to be putting one over in Great Harbour, another one over on Anegada, we are going to put one on Sage Mountain on Tortola and we are going to identify a place on Virgin Gorda …  to mount one as well.”