Tortola Rotary Club To Continue Assisting Fsn With Food Drive


The Tortola Rotary Club intends to continue assisting the Family Support Network (FSN) in various ways during this year. The announcement came during a press briefing on 19 February, by President Henry Creque.

Mr. Creque who was asked if the Club intended to organize another food drive for the FSN told reporters: “We try to do a combination of things, so we did have a food drive. The largest food drive that we have had was back in August. We did a food drive in December for the Family Support Network as well, and FSN has actually gone with that idea.”

In explaining the new FSN food initiative, Mr. Creque said: “What they have done is every month of the year they have a different organization coordinating a food drive on their behalf. So we are going to sign up for at least one month in the next year, I think they only have two more spots left.”

“We also help in other ways and we will continue to do that as well. We help to restore homes we help persons in need of medical and those kinds of things so we would continue to do a number of things,” the Rotary Club of Tortola President said.

In September 2014 through a joint effort between the various Rotary Clubs, and the Rotaract Club of Virgin Gorda, the Family Support Network (FSN) took supply of a large quantity of food and baby products, plus other needed items that were to be distributed to families in need.

The handover of the products was made by Rotarians on 2 September, at the FSN office. It was stated that the decision to do the food drive was made after a representative of the Family Support Network announced during a presentation at a Rotary event that there was a need for supplies.