Three More Charged In ‘Tiger’s’ Murder


Friday, May 30 – As part of the ongoing review and investigations into the unsolved murders within the Territory, the RVIPF Major Crime Team have arrested and charged three more persons for the shooting death of Daren Allen ‘Tiger’ Hodge.

The three men, Marcus Lloyd, 43, of Harrigan Estate, Wakeem Guishard, 26, of Carrot Bay and Mitch Christopher, 29, of Harrigan Estate, are due to appear before the Magistrates’ Court today (May 30).

Having consulted with the Director of Public Prosecution, advice to charge was delivered yesterday following a review of an evidence file on the case submitted by the Major Crime Team.

Terrance Abudullah Charles, who was previously arrested and charged for murder in relation to Hodge death, pleaded guilty in December 2011 and was sentenced to life imprisonment.

‘Tiger’ Hodge received multiple gunshot wounds to his body at his home in Meyer’s Estate on 10 September 2010 and was pronounced dead at the scene. The family of Tiger Hodge is being kept informed of all new developments in the case.

The RVIPF is pleased to have reached this point in the investigation and thanks the community for their assistance and patience during this complex investigation.

At a Police Press Conference held in January, both Commissioner of Police David Morris and the Head of the Crime Division Alexis Charles assured the public that resources and time will be dedicated in 2014 to bringing closure in a number of the unsolved murders.

“Files on these unsolved murders are open and active as we do everything to bring perpetrators to justice in these cases. We are working closely with the DPP’s office on these cases to provide the needed evidence for successful prosecution of these cases. Ultimately, we want to bring the needed closure for families of loved ones taken in violence,” the Commissioner stated.