Three Accidents Reported On Saturday; Injuries Minor

 Police received reports on three road traffic collisions on Saturday evening all resulting in minor injuries to the occupants.
 In the first collision, reported to Police around 4:30pm, the father of a six-year-old boy stated that his son was injured in the leg by a vehicle. Inquiries indicated that the injuries were sustained while a taxi van was reversing onto Little Dix Hill. The leg injuries appeared to be minor.
In the second collision reported around 9:30pm, an officer of Fire and Rescue Services notified Police that they had responded to a 911 call at Brandywine where the occupants of an overturned vehicle had been taken to Peebles Hospital, having been removed from the vehicle by drivers in the vicinity.  The female driver and two other occupants including a three-month-old male were medically examined and immediately discharged with no injuries.
The vehicle sustained severe fire damage.
In the last report, Police responded around 11:30pm to a two vehicle collision on the James Walter Highway in the vicinity of the Treasure Isle Hotel resulting in damage for the median. Only one driver was taken to hospital but was discharged with minor injuries. The cause of the collision is still to be determined.