Thirteen Marijuana Plantations Uncovered


Wednesday, January 28 – In three separate operations over the past week, Police uncovered thirteen marijuana plantations with over 2,100 plants.

Officers of Tactical Unit, Intelligence Unit and East End Police Station located three marijuana plantations in the Josiah’s Bay area last week Wednesday and uprooted a total of 1066 plants ranging in height from seedlings to over five feet.

In a second operation last Thursday in the Little Dix Bay area in Virgin Gorda, Virgin Gorda Police Officers uprooted an additional 587 plants ranging in height from seedlings to three feet from four other marijuana plantations.

In the final operation yesterday morning, again officers of Tactical Unit, Intelligence Unit, Special Investigations Unit, Beat and Patrol along with Virgin Gorda Police uprooted an additional six marijuana plantations at Gorda Peak and Nail Bay, Virgin Gorda where a total of 474 plants ranging in height from seedlings to four feet.

The plants were seized, tagged and secured by the Scenes of Crime Unit.

No arrests have been made in these cases.