Theft Reports Spike


Tuesday, May 20 – Police recorded an increase in reported thefts over the last week with two scooters and two sets of license plates, both front and back, allegedly stolen.

Both scooters were reported missing after being parked overnight outside homes – one in Vanterpool Estate on 11 May and the other in Havers Estate on 16 May. The scooter stolen from Havers Estate is described as a new red JMD 125cc scooter unlicenced and unregistered. Neither scooter has been recovered.

Two vehicle owners also reported that their front and back licence plates were stolen on the same day, May 14. Plates with the licence number PD273 were taken from Kia Sportage parked near Long Bay Sunset House and plates with the licence number PL182 was taken from a Ford Escape bus parked in Trellis Bay.

Thefts for the week also include five smart phones reported stolen after owners discovered them missing from various locations including a cashier counter at a supermarket, near a Cane Garden Bay beach bar, on the bench at the Multipurpose Sports Complex and from the table in an entertainment venue.

Electronic items continue to top the list of the choices for thieves and should never be left unattended at any time. Handbags are also high on the list of items stolen especially from motor vehicles, tabletops and chairs, in crowded bars or on benches at sporting and entertainment facilities.

Members of the public are urged not to leave these items unattended even for brief periods as thieves use these rare opportunities to steal these items.

The RVIPF is offering rewards to members of the public you have any information which will lead to the recovery of stolen items or the apprehension of those who steal such items.