At a media sit down held on 23 May His Excellency Governor Augustus Jaspert gently dismissed the reiterated public fears that the United Kingdom Government is going to take direct rule of the Territory. This concern can be described as a widespread public fear that has even been mentioned by members of the House of Assembly.

When the matter was raised Governor Jaspert noted that he has heard the comment before and is aware that it is a community concern: “That always seems to be the response, yeah people always jump to that conclusion, all the time.”

The Governor did not speak much on the issue, however he noted that the BVI and the United Kingdom Government have a longstanding agreement that the Territory is in charge of its own governance. His Excellency noted that the decisions regarding the Territory are made by the House of Assembly and the government.

While directly addressing the common statement about UK intervention Governor Jaspert stated: “The key thing to think about is how the institutions here in the British Virgin Islands work…most effectively. So since I have gotten this comment, I have always said this …the Governors when they leave they hand over notes to their successors.”

He also referenced that people of the Territory often asked for intervention from the Governor or the UK Government when matters are not in their favor and he noted that such intervention is not in keeping with the agreement of territorial autonomy. “The people always say what’s the UK going to do or what’s the Governor going to do – it’s the wrong question,” Governor Jaspert said.