By Alyssa McKinnaw
June might be the month for brides, while February is designated as the month of love, but
for us hopeful romantics – or rebels – any day is right for a sentimental outing. That is why I
am in love with The Pub Seafood & Steakhouse, the newest restaurant in East End, Tortola
(near Riteway).
Its classic charm meets modern chic and in my opinion it is the perfect setting for that special
romantic moment or just a self-rewarding evening with friends or your significant other.
Parking the car was easy and soon we were standing in the courtyard, glancing at the Old
Well, nicely refurbished with a vintage pump. At that moment, I had to remind myself that I
was there to drink wine not water.
The first sight at the top of the stairs was the smile of the restaurant’s greeter, who
professionally welcomed us to The Pub. We responded with greetings, almost in unison and
indicated that our party of three had dinner reservations. Turning around placed us face to
face with a smiling female greeter who introduced herself and engaged us in pleasant
conversation that lasted a minute.
Our table was well chosen and allowed us to see most of the dining area. To my far right, I
caught sight of a well-presented wine selection. In the middle of the area was the bar with a
bartender in the process of presenting a well garnished beverage to a man who extended his
hand in anticipation.
The ambience is warm and welcoming, the tables are not too close to one another and the
theme became clear to me, but I wondered – was romance what the management had in
mind? As I sat in that breezy terrace dining area on a Thursday night it was clear that had this
been a movie set the climatic romance scene ‘of the proposal’ would have certainly have this
fitting backdrop.
The gentle warm glow of the dimly lit candle centerpieces added an inviting appearance to
the soft white table linen that elegantly stood against dark stained chairs.
The menu features a good range of Caribbean, International and Oriental dishes; the seafood
section is noteworthy, and the wine list offers well selected wines that pair well with the
offerings on the menu.
My dinner companions chose the wine; both are wine connoisseurs and were pleased with the
selection, so I listened with interest as they discussed how great it was to see a certain wine
on the list. The appetizers and starter selections were simple in appearance but carefully
prepared as a prelude to a gourmet dinner. My selection was the Arugola salad – which was
enhanced with caramelized pears and gorgonzola. The delightful part of this simple, but
delicious arrangement was the dressing – a marriage of citrus tartness, and sweet balsamic
A word for the undecided – ‘Do Not Underestimate the Steak!” I chose garlic mashed potatoes
and seasonal vegetable medley to accompany my main course. The attentive service and
perfect timing impressed us, all the plates were served at the same time. Goodness, it was a
large steak – still sizzling in a special ceramic dish. It was drizzled with peppercorn sauce and
dressed with mushrooms and asparagus. The sight of my mouthwatering choice kept me from
eyeing the salmon or the lobster my companions were having. We were out to celebrate, and

we were not going to leave without dessert, but after our hearty main course we had to delve
into conversation before even considering the dessert menu that was later presented to us.
When the plates arrived, we all noticed immediately that the lobster meat had been carefully
lifted from its shell and rested back in it to add joy to dining. Upon expressing appreciation to
our waitress, who had returned for another of her kind check-ins, we were told that the chef
always tries to make eating his well-prepared lobster dish easy. The salmon for the other
companion was described by him as well plated and a feast for the palate. He was very
pleased about the attention to details and pointed out that the way they handled his diet
limitations was very professional.
Now, onto dessert. For me it was a tie between the guava cheesecake and the chocolate cake
which was described to “have a lot of chocolate.” I was undecided because as a chocoholic I
would have disliked being short-changed in that area. I couldn’t choose, but I was sure the
vanilla ice cream choice of one of my companions was not even on the periphery of my radar.
The dilemma was settled when my other companion took the cheesecake and I waited
patiently to see how chocolatey that cake was. My, my from the first bite I remarked “they
weren’t exaggerating.” The cake itself was more of a chocolate explosion. Think chocolate
truffle – decadent and airy, while the outer layer is a darker velvety chocolate seduction. It
was a sinful dream come true.
Yes, the ambiance is romantic, and true the service is skilful and of course, the food is worth
boasting of and as a result our choice of restaurant proved highly enjoyable.
Dinner was lovely!
The East End Pub is open for dinner and Sunday Brunch; lunch will be introduced in the not
too distant future. The Pub has additional locations in Road Town: at Columbus Centre (where
it all started) and Fort Burt.