Territorial Pledge Competition: Education Minister Urges Participation


Minister for Education and Culture, Hon. Myron Walwyn called on Virgin Islanders to participate in the Territorial pledge competition that was launched recently.

“The Territorial Pledge competition gives Virgin Islanders the opportunity to cement our identity as a people through a pledge that speaks to the heritage, pride, development, and future of these beautiful islands. I encourage you to participate in this initiative as we strive to create a true essence of Virgin Islands pride,” Hon. Walwyn said in his encouragement message.

It was announced that once selected, the pledge will be recited in all primary and secondary schools in the Territory, and at other formal functions as the Government continues its mandate to foster territorial culture and identity.

The pledge will be selected by an Ad-Hoc Committee that is chaired by Hon. Delores Christopher, who said: “The territorial song, dress, sign and symbols were established in 2012 and in order to further develop territorial pride, the Territorial Pledge competition has been established. I encourage as many eligible persons as possible to participate in the competition.”

The competition is open to all Virgin Islanders and Belongers 15 years and older. The pledge must consist of no more than 35 words and must include the words: pride, service, Territory, and Virgin Islands.

All entries for the Territorial Pledge competition must be sealed and submitted to the Ministry of Education and Culture in care of Mrs. Brenda Lettsome-Tye on or before Friday, 15 April.