Tender Documents For Neoc Building Project Going Through Bureaucratic Process


After much complaining, it was announced that the National Emergency Operations Centre (NEOC), which was repeatedly described as needing critical repairs will be fixed. The announcement of the proposed building project was announced in a report from the Department of Disaster Management that was tabled in the House of Assembly on 11 September.

The report announced that the construction of the NEOC building remains an outstanding issue. However, it was noted that there has been some progress in the matter. The document announced that the tender documents for the NEOC drawings have been prepared and were reviewed by the Project Support Services Unit, within the Ministry of Finance.

It was further stated that the documents now sit with the Deputy Governor’s Office (DGO) along with the respective drawings for onward submission to the Attorney General’s Chambers, which are to be vetted. “Once this has been finalized the documents will be put for public tender,” the report said.

The state of the NEOC continues to be of great concern. The most recent mention was in a report from the Deputy Governor’s Office that was laid in the House of Assembly in April. That report announced that insufficient funding is the main reason why all of the issues facing the NEOC could not be remedied: “As a result of the reduced budgetary allocation, some key capital projects such as the construction of a new National Emergency Operations Centre could not be advanced.”

For more than two years the deteriorating conditions of the National Emergency Operations Centre have been highlighted by the Director of Department of Disaster Management, Sharleen Dabreo.