Telecoms Dismal Performance: Repercussions Instead of BLA-BLA


After years of complaining about the calamitous and disgraceful level of service telecommunications companies have been delivering to the Territory, Minister for Communications and Works Hon. Mark Vanterpool announced that Government has done enough talking and is now ready to deal harshly with the service providers.

The Minister while addressing a resident’s concern about the deplorable level of service offered by the internet providers announced that Government is now ready to take remedial actions.

 Hon. Vanterpool recalled that he stated repeatedly before hurricane Irma his disappointment that the telecommunications companies in the Territory, who he stated are not working to improve their services. He said that he also noted a report that the Territory’s internet services are almost last in the world. This, the Minister noted, is very embarrassing for the government.

Furthermore, Hon. Vanterpool explained that Government has tried to discuss and communicate with the internet service providers but noted that not much has changed. “We have been meeting with them again and in fact we are even looking at the possibility perhaps of opening up the services to those who can perhaps provide it even better. That’s something that we are discussing. We have met with them since Irma.”

The Minister said that the companies have demonstrated disregard for not only their service, but even their responsibilities after Irma: “I am even disappointed by the lack of attention that they have given to cleaning up their poles and lines that have been thrown all over the country. I can’t get them to begin to move the lines and the poles that are thrown all over the place. That is something that we are very disappointed in. We have written to them, we have given them all sorts of warning and so on and we will be taking further actions,” Hon. Vanterpool told the gathering.

“The suggestion is very strong that we have to move in this direction – a very aggressive manner the government will be taking from a policy standpoint stronger action to ensure this happens,” he added.