Teenager Victoria Rowlette retains Willy T Virgins Cup title

Victoria Rowlette, 13 collects her winners award in the 31st Willy T Virgins Cup race as Willy T owner, Ewan Anderson looks on PHOTO; Leslie Cramer

By Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

With Victoria Rowlette at the helm of Whoop Whoop, she successfully defended her title on Saturday in the 2020 Virgin’s Cup and William Thornton Race that attracted 21 boats, ranging from the Corsair trimarans to 40ft cruising boats and 12 foot dinghies.

In defending her 2019 title, Rowlette, 13, a product of the Royal BVI Yacht Club after school program, had a six minutes advantage over Ting a Ling, helmed by Candice Nichol. Sarah Ebrill on Airgasmwas thirdin class and third overall.  Sam Brown’s The Flying Pig finished fourth. 

First home in the Cruising Class and far enough ahead to hold off the chasing pack, was Odyssey, another boat where the helming duties were shared by Lisa Sutherland-Pilch, Claudia Delahoy and Judy Petz.  Becky Paul skippering Aira were next home but second went to the Wicked Winch team helmed by Becca Brannigan. Tranquillo, who had a pre start loss of steering and a late start, was fourth. They also won the best dress crew award. 

Samuel Allen won the Laser Radial class ahead Dwayne Palmer and Charlotte Matthews.  Despite having the best start, Max Reshetiloff closed out the Radial fleet in fourth.

Liz Killeen and Rob Lind edged out Stephen Ganga in the RSFevas, with 10 year old Darcey Lilleyman sailing with dad Tom, finished third in the Feva class to wrap up the dinghy fleets.

The most remarkable finish was delivered by the Dee Bowden helmed Firewater team who had done enough for the Melges 24 to edge out the chasing IC24s.  Coming in with just 37 seconds between them, was Racing in Paradise and Latitude 18, competing for the first time since Hurricane Irma in 2017.  RIP just took the edge with the helm shared between Claire Potter, Katie Westlake and 5½ year old Rosie Wooldridge who also won the youngest competitor award.  Linda Phillips and the Latitude 18 team came in third in racing and sixth overall.

Final results: 

Corsair Trimarans
1. Whoop Whoop, Victoria Rowlette (1st overall)
2. Ting a Ling, Candice Nichol 
3. Airgasm, Sarah Ebrill
4. Flying Pig, Sam Brown

Racing Class
1. Firewater, Dee Bowden
2. RIP, Claire Potter, Katie Westlake, Rosie Wooldridge
3. Latitude 18, Linda Phillips

Cruising Class
1. Odyssey, Claudia Delahoy, Lisa Sutherland Pilch, Judy Petz
2. Wicked Winch, Rebecca Brannigan
3. Aira, Becky Paull
4. Tranquillo, Susanna Rice
5. Beneteau, Meagan Woodman

1. Liz Killeen & Rob Lind
2. Stephen Ganga
3. Darcey & Tom Lilleyman

Laser Radial
1. Samuel Allen
2. Dwayne Palmer
3. Charlotte Matthews
4. Max Reshetiloff

1. Colin Rathbun
2. Christian Thompson