Technology To Play Big Role In Education: Hon. Walwyn Says


Within the next four years Minister for Education and Culture, Hon. Myron Walwyn envisions that technology will be a key feature of the Territory’s educational programs.

Hon. Walwyn shared his vision during the 2016 World Science Day for Peace and Development Science Competition Awards ceremony held on Friday 11 November.

In his statement the Minister disclosed: “It is our mission, that by the year 2020, technology will be fully integrated into all schools in the Virgin Islands.” Hon.  Walwyn said that his Ministry is aiming to move the education sector from teachers teaching with chalk and chalkboards to the use of interactive boards to make learning fun and more student-centered.

“Along the way, we will continue to encourage our young people to explore science and technology.  As a society, it remains important for us to encourage our young people to grab hold of today’s technology and science and find ways for them to integrate their learning and opportunities in science and technology to enhance our lives in the Territory,” Minister Walwyn said.

He added: “In the Ministry of Education and Culture, we want to use this readily available science and technology to enhance the understanding of our students across all subjects; showing us once again, how science and technology improves our lives. An example of this can be seen through our recently implemented “Information and Communication Technology” programme that is currently being administered in all Grade 6 classes throughout our public primary schools in the Virgin Islands.”