Teams tune up for Softball pre-season tournament

Pirates starting pitcher and switch hitter Dwight Brookes, drived a shot to centerfield 

By Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

Allen “Woodrow” Smith welcomed the Hot Shots from Sea Cows Bay to the league with an 11 strike outs performance and Los Macarrecios trimmed the Pirates for their second victory, as teams now turn their attention to the upcoming BVI Softball Association preseason tournament. 

Trailing 9-2 in the bottom of the fifth, the Hot Shots scored five runs during a 9-7 loss. Hot Shots player manager Clifton “Tito” Forbes said it was an unusual debut as he was pressed into pitching service after their main pitcher fell ill.  

“We had to make some adjustments and came out shaky but in the latter part of the game we settled to close the score a bit,” Forbes noted. “However, it was not enough. It was a good game for our first game of the preseason and we look forward to playing much better when we come out next time. We expect to win some games and we expect to be a top contender in this series.” 

Before they took the mound, he asked his young pitchers about starting the game but they felt that they aren’t ready. He said they’re young and haven’t played in any games per say. 

“They have just been training, so emotionally and psychologically it takes a toll on you when you come into Road Town to play a game for example against the Storm,” he stated. “The Storm is no young team per say, they have some experienced players. Hence, they felt intimated and that was the reason for me starting the game.”

Smith used the game as a opportunity to get some needed work in and see if he could go the distance.

“A lot of naysayers out there said that I can’t go past two innings, so I just showed them I can go seven if necessary,” he said then was told he fanned 11. “That’s a good sign. I just show them a little thing so they could keep their mouths off me for a little while.”

In the other game, behind the pitching of Brian “Power” Scatliffe, Los Macarrecios scored five in the bottom of the fifth to trim the Pirates 8-7, for their second successive victory.

“It was exciting in the last inning but in the first and second innings, it was plenty problems,” Los Macarrecios player manager Junior Rodriguez said. “My guys made a lot of errors. I haven’t been getting them to come to practice. My infield need practice, they made too many errors. If we didn’t make so many errors, they wouldn’t have scored all those runs.”

After their second victory, Rodriguez said they’re trying to win every game and cited having pitchers Brian “Power” Scatliffe and Renold “Bushman” Corum, helps his team.  

Pirates pitcher-first baseman Rico Penn, said fatigue kicked in when he was called up on to relieve Dwight Brookes. 

“After playing so hard physically early in the game and then going to pitch, it took a bit from me but, I’m tired right now—exhausted—I’m not going to lie,” he told Island Sun Sports. “They won fair and square and we gave up some runs there towards the end, but we’ll live to see another day.”

He credited Los Macarrecios with playing a good game and finishing. 

“They finished the game. They didn’t quit. They played hard,” Penn reflected. “They were batting last, did their thing and scored the winning run. We had the big lead but this is softball. Anybody can score a run and everybody always have runs to come.”