Team Vip Getting Ready For Fiery Elections


The candidates that will be contesting the upcoming general elections under the Virgin Islands Party (VIP) banner will be revealed soon First District Representative, Hon. Andrew Fahie announced last week.

Hon. Fahie said: “We have heard some say that we have no candidates. We basically almost have all the candidates in place and will name them very soon. So, we do not get tempest tossed by those who try to define the Virgin Islands Party or try to redefine us.”

The Opposition member stated that the Virgin Islands Party has a constitution and alluded to the fact that there are certain internal processes. He also referenced the internal electing of a Party Chairman, and announced that persons were saying that the VIP would not have been able to withstand that process.

“We are able to withstand a lot of criticism. The reason we are able to withstand a lot of them is we take them aboard in terms of those that have merit. But we don’t worry about those critics who don’t have credentials that criticize us; in that we were able to go through the selection process for the Chairman as tough as it is,” Hon. Fahie added.

Earlier this year, Chairman of the Virgin Islands Party, Hon. Julian Fraser gave an indication of some of the qualities being sought in candidates for the upcoming general elections.

The Party Chairman while speaking at his 2015 holiday party alluded to some of the qualities being prized. He said: “Everyone involved will be someone who has the courage and the tenacity to serve you its people.”

As it relates to the VIP, Hon. Fraser said: “The initiative of our party is: it must be bold, it must be brave, and it must be done with courage. Going forward that’s what we will be doing.”

Last year the Party Chairman announced that the VIP is being thorough in its selection process and urged the public to exercise patience. That announcement was made during the VIP’s Let’s Talk radio programme that was aired on 11 December.

At that time Hon. Fraser said: “I think we are going about it the right way; we are asking the people out there to be patient with us. We are as concerned about this territory as you are. We are determined as you are to change the government come next election, and we are gonna make sure that whatever we do is to your liking.”

The VIP Chairman assured that he has been listening to suggestions: “I understand the anxiety of people who are asking for the team to be named, but, when you talk to these very people, they have specific recommendations that they want you to follow. The last thing somebody said to me today, ‘I hope you bring in some young people.”

He added: “If you choose and you choose early and you choose quick, you might end up with a team that doesn’t include those young people. The more you hear; the more you learn. And that’s why I am not in this huge rush to put 13 people on the ticket and say here we got a team.”