Talk Show Zooms on non payment to Social Security


It was suggested on the 13 September edition of the JTV Speak Your Mind program that the Labour Department should be taking a better approach in dealing with the Social Security non-payment issue, as it relates to the employers.

The opinion was expressed following two calls on the topic of Social Security non-payment. The first call was made by a female who sounded very frustrated about the matter. She said: “I want to draw attention again to Social Security, sometime ago I heard somebody call in…employers are not paying people money. My daughter keeps checking all the time; and all the lady keeps telling her it is not paid up, it is not paid up…I know it is against the law, but they are not doing anything in there so what can we do…people are suffering.”

In response to the caller’s apparent frustration hosts of the show Courtney DeCastro, and Sam Henry promised to shed some light on the recent Social Security Board happenings in a future show. The caller was told that the show will attempt to get the Social Security Board on the program to explain what is taking place in the industry. In response the caller said: “Time enough, people are suffering, we are not hearing anything, so time enough.”

Mr. DeCastro explained that the time had come to hear from the Board, as he explained that there has been mention of possible contribution increase. He disclosed: “I understand that they’re at the point right now where they are going to raise the amount of the contribution (percentage) that will be made to the Social Security; so again that will only compound the issue that you are raising. The issue you are raising is a very important issue, because there are some people who are still not making contributions on their employee’s behalf. Some of them are withholding monies, the way the law works is that they are supposed to withhold from the employee and also make a contribution from the employer.”

A male resident also called in to give his opinion on the matter, and he stated that some of the blame should be placed on the Labour Department who has the mandate of employment issues: “If I am working for you and you’re taking out my money and you’re telling me the money paying in and my permit up, I need to go pay my permit and they tell me that my Social Security isn’t paid, do you think the weight should be on me to pay Social Security…That weight is supposed to be on the employers who are supposed to go and pay in the money…that is nonsense, look at those people who didn’t get paid for time, Labour is supposed to see. You all always talking about politicians, and the people who you put in these positions and these Departments should be showing that there are not joking,” the caller announced.

He compared the United States’ social security system and stated that the authorities in that country deal with the matter in a sterner manner and opined: “Here it is because the people are not from here they take advantage. When they go and report it they don’t get any satisfaction because they begging a permit. The people in these Departments supposed to be looking into these things… Here you put in your social security think it’s paying in and then they tell the people well if you want it you have to pay that money yourself; and the person who you work for get away. They (employers) are supposed to reimburse the money, but that doesn’t happen, because the people are not from here they treat them bad.”

Host Henry agreed with the suggestion that Departments need to play a bigger role in resolving the matter.