Suspension Of NHI Benefit Coverage


The National Health Insurance is advising all delinquent employers that effective Monday, November 28th, 2016; NHI coverage of benefits will be suspended due to nonpayment of contributions. Since the inception of the NHI, there are a large number of employers who are in default. By law, a grace period of three (3) months of non-payment has been extended to defaulting employers. During the 3 months grace period, calls were made and warning letters sent to defaulting employers. Consequently, NHI is proceeding to implement measures to suspend coverage due to non-payment. To avoid suspension of their employee’s NHI benefits, employers must make the full outstanding contribution payment no later than November  28, 2016.

Suspended benefits will only be reinstated when full payment of the outstanding amount is made. During the suspension period, NHI will not pay for any health care services, supplies or prescriptions.

Employers are reminded that they not only have a legal but a moral obligation for their employee’s wellbeing.

Employers and employees may contact the NHI office on 852-7870 to enquire about their status and make arrangements for payment.

For more information please contact the NHI at 852-7820.