Suspected Scooter Thief Apprehended/Charged With Burglary


Monday, April 28 – Police charged one man with burglary after he was caught riding a scooter reportedly stolen from an apartment in Baughers Bay.

Glenville Callwood, 20, of Baughers Bay was identified as the individual who fled the scene after being stopped by Police while riding the scooter in Road Town. The scooter was confiscated and later linked to the owner who reported that his apartment was burglarised over a week ago and that his scooter and other items were missing. Police subsequently apprehended Callwood and charged him for burglary.

Scooters remain high among the items of choice for would-be thieves.

For 2014, a total of eight scooters were reported stolen with two failed attempts to steal scooters. Four of the scooters that were actually stolen have since been recovered.

Police are asking for public assistance in the locating the unrecovered scooters:

  1. VCR6 Phantom; Black; MC934; stolen from the area of Fishers Cove Hotel, V.G.
  2. Black/Red, MC987; stolen from the Belle Vue Methodist Church
  3. Lincoln GY6; Red/Silver; stolen from West End
  4. Haiton; Red; MC1017; stolen from Towers, West End

Police are also asking for the public assistance in identifying persons involved in the theft of scooters or cycles. Persons having information can contact the Criminal Investigations through the RVIPF access number 311.