Students Brawl Deemed Unacceptable by Minister


A video of what appears to be junior Elmore Stoutt High School students embroiled in a brawl in front of Riteway supermarket was circulated via Whatsapp and ignited various levels of conversation. Most upsetting for most persons was the fact that one of the students was spewing expletives.

The video apparently made its way to Minister for Education and Culture, Hon. Myron Walwyn who during the NDP radio program on 19 March announced that such behavior is unacceptable.

The Minister during his update on the rehabilitation of damaged school buildings alluded to the fact that the students are being housed at the CTL building in Pasea, and he stated that he would like to see repairs done at the Elmore Stoutt campus. The Minister said: “I want to see secondary education move to a full day it’s about time that we get away from the half day situation.”

In speaking directly about the video Hon. Walwyn said: “We have been having some disturbance by students. I know many persons might have seen a video going around with students fighting today and that matter needs to come to an end very quickly. It is very troubling to me.”

The Minister also called upon parents to speak to their children about their conduct after school. “It is a very difficult time now in the country. If we could have had school full day it would have been done by now. We are working through a process, but we also need the cooperation of students.”

Hon. Walwyn announced that a disciplinary approach will now be taken to curtail public behavior like this: “We are not going to tolerate students fighting in Town particularly in their school uniform. We are going to treat it exactly the same as if you were fighting on the school compound and whatever disciplinary actions are necessary they will be taken and the Principal of the high schools and indeed all the principals know that when it comes to discipline they have my full support and allegiance because we are training young people for the world.”