Struiken wins Hauteville 5K Series with personal best effort


By Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

Clif Struiken used a personal best effort to wrap up Saturday’s Hauteville 5K Series finale that started and ended at the A. O. Shirley Grounds, after meandering Road Town.

On the Women’s side, Katrina Lindsay too ran a personal best to claim the title.

From his very first step, Struiken was on a mission as he led the field of 53 participants out of the A. O. Shirley Grounds, saying that he ‘wanted to go really, really fast.’

“That worked for about the first two miles and then I exploded a bit, wasn’t able to finish as strong as I started unfortunately, but I’m still happy because I ran a personal best, so that’s good,” he said after covering the 3.1 miles course in 17 minutes and 18 seconds. “I was trying to get a bit faster but I didn’t have anything left in the final stages of the race, but I still got a good time and I’m happy with it overall. I’ve never run this fast, so I’ll always keep training, always improving.”

Struiken said he likes the series that makes five different stops on a tour around Tortola. He notes that some courses are hilly and some are flat.

“The last one is a nice racing course, Parqiuita Bay is always difficult with the hill in the end,” he said. “I love the series, there’s something for everyone. If you’re good at hills, you can excel up the hills and if you love the flat, you can race on the flat and it’s always a good atmosphere. The organizers put on a great series so, big ups to them.”

Finishing one minute and 23 seconds back was Julius Farley, who said his aim was to break 18 minutes, but was well off the goal with a time of 18:41.

“I knew it was a tough challenge to beat Clif,” said Farley who won two races. “I wasn’t training that much so I wasn’t up to the challenge but I came second as usual, which has become a usual thing. Since there’s Clif it’s the usual thing for me now.”

Katrina Lindsay, fourth overall, was the top woman, finishing in a personal best of 20:40.

“I was hoping to run a good time and I’m happy,” she said. “With all the coaching Limiel (Hodge) has been doing and with (late coach Dag) Samuels has been doing, I wanted to get a personal best. I’m so happy, this is really special. It’s a national championship, a big one and if anyone you want to win any, that’s it. I’ve been training hard, training has been going well, so I was looking for a fast time.”

Race director Kay Reddy said over 260 people participated in the five races of the series and 60 did at least three races, with the youngest being six-year old Elise Ormond doing all five.

“There was good competition and it has been a fantastic series,” Reddy said.

Final Results. Men: 1. Clif Struiken, 17 minute and 18 seconds. 2. Julius Farley, 18:41. 3. Reuben Stoby, 19:34. 3. Mark Stephenson, 20:48. 4. Matt Nelson, 21:08. 5. Phil Nelson, 21:59. 6. Zebalon Mclean, 22:24. 7. Adrian Dale,22:53. 8. Claudius Rymer, 22:53. 9. Sergio Dantas, 22:55. 10. Eoghan Hoane, 23:54. 11. Hendrick Vergeer, 24:16. 11. Edwin Mitau, 24:27. 12. Rico Lasala, 25:17. 13. Mark Brown, 25:25. 14. Elliot Evins, 25:33. 15. Sean Wong, 25:48. 16. Jonathan Addo, 26:00. 17. Rashawn Jack, 26:06. 18. Jelani Croal, 26:16. 19. Toni Bonzon, 26:27. 20. Andrew Chen, 28:55. 21. John Cullimore, 30:57. 22. Brandon Kartick, 30:58. 23. Sebbie Morgan, 32:15. 24. Patrick Ormond, 33:05. 25. Jim Cullimore, 33:39. 26. Xavier Morgan, 40:52. 27. Eli Ghiorse, 49:45. 28. Chris Ghiorse, 54:34.

 Women: 1. Katrina Lindsay, 20:41. 2. Kim Struiken, 21:36. 3. Rosmond Johnson, 23:19. 4. Kay Reddy, 24:48. 5. Darwn Peters, 25:56. 6. Saungie Liburd, 31:34. 7. Anna Johnson, 32:01. 8. Amy Gosney, 32:01. 9. Natasha Ruscheinski, 32:20. 10. Elsie Ormond, 32:59. 11. Clair Burke, 34:10.

12. Glendy Knight, 35:58. 13. Jordanne Thomas, 35:58. 14. Federica Dick-read, 43:18. 15. Roslyn Gilbert, 45:18. 16. Francine Noel, 45:21. 17. Ava Ghiorse, 54:28.

Walkers: 1. Shirley Liburd, 43:15. 2. Sophie Bennett, 43:38. 3. Arlene Cullimore, 54:59.  4. Tirso Tuppil, 55:07. 5. Rovelyn Dimaala, 55:08. 6. Mary Grace Macayanan, 55:15.

Overall Age Group Winners. Kids Course. Female: Ava Ghiorse. Male: Xavier Morgan and Eli Ghiorse. 5K Kids Female: Elsie Ormond, Male: Sebbie Morgan. Under 20: Brandon Kartick. Female 20-29: Saungie Liburd. Female 30-39. Natasha Ruscheinski. Male: Marcus Hallan

Female 40-49: Darwn Peters. Male: Claudius Rymer. Female 50-59: Kay Reddy. Male: Derek Rawlings. Male 60-69: Jim Cullimore. Walkers: Sophie Bennett and Shirley Liburd.

Hautivelle Trust 5K overall champions. Female: 1. Katrina Lindsay. 2. Kim Struiken. 3. Rosmond Johnson. Male: 1. Clif Struiken. 2. Julius Farley. 3Reuben Stoby. BVI National Championship 5K – Allcomers Champion Female; Katrina Lindsay. Male: Clif Struiken. BVI National 5K Champions; Darwn Peters. Male: Zebalon McLean.