Struiken Shatters Ceres 10K Record in BVI Half Marathon Tune Up


Clif Struiken, left, Julius Farley and Derek Rawlins taking out Saturday’s Ceres Juices 10K Series race in Carrot Bay, which Struiken won in 39 minutes and 23 seconds, to break Steven Asson’s 2009 mark of 40:47

By Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

Clif Struiken shattered Steven Asson’s nine year-old Ceres Juices 10K Series course record in Carrot Bay on Saturday, during the first of two tune up races for the upcoming BVI Half Marathon on December 1.

Asson’s mark of 40 minutes and 47 seconds that stood from August 22, 2009 on the toughest 6.2 miles tour stop of the series around Tortola, saw 32 runners meandering a looped course from the Carrot Bay Cultural Fiesta Village over to Smugglers Cove and back, as an unchallenged Struiken led the way in 39 minutes and 23 seconds.

“Today’s race was a tough one,” Struiken said. “Two huge hills that takes a lot of energy out of you and the off road in Belmont was also very difficult, but it’s enjoyable because it’s so nice and it breaks your rhythm. It’s a tough course and it’s difficult to get a good time in. My aim was to go below 40 minutes and I managed to do that and I’m happy. I hope for the season finale, I can shave off some more minutes when it’s completely flat and ideal conditions.”

Struiken, who a week ago broke Lyndell Roberts’ 21 year old Mourant College Classic Series course record of 10 minutes and 45.3 seconds with a time of 10:38. 12, said in that race, he went out with guns blazing. He said on a longer course that was much more difficult, he paced himself at the start, trying to increase his effort as the race progressed in order not to lose too much time.

“The goal was to start a bit slower, preserve a bit of energy and keep up the pace at the end because in a short race you don’t have the time to do that,” he explained. “If you have the tactics of going out guns blazing in the longer race, you just burn out, so I went out a bit slower and I think it paid off with a good result.”

Julius Farley, second, in 44:14 and finished almost five minutes behind Struiken. He said it was a tough race and noted he’s not in good condition although he tried to keep up with the leader for a while.

“I lost him about 800 meters into the race and I must say congratulations to him, he ran a good race, but it was really tough for me,” he said. “I’m not in shape because I’ve not been doing much training. Of all the times I’ve run this race, I think this was one of the toughest times.”

Struiken’s wife Kim, who won the woman’s division in 51:37, said it was an amazing race and she didn’t monitor her pace on the watch.

“I had Dan (Mitchell) and Rose (Johnson) creeping up on me and Rose set the pace from the start so I had to keep up with her and she did a very good first part,” Kim noted. “After the turnaround, they kept coming after me, so I didn’t have any space to rest, so I had to keep on going and going. It was a really hard race but I’m happy that I turned out winning.”

With the sea on her side going and coming, she said it’s an amazing race with great scenery that gets interesting in Smuggler’s Cove, because the unpaved road makes it like a trail and it becomes more technical.

“It’s not a boring race,” she said. “If you want to do a 10K, go for this one.”

Results. Men: 1. Clif Struiken, 39 minutes and 23 seconds. (New course record. Old record, Steven Asson, 40:47, Aug 22, 2009. 2. Julius Farley, 44:14. 3. Derek Rawlings, 46:29. 4. Tim Parsons, 47:48. 5. Ian Montgomery, 50:04. 6. Daniel Mitchell, 53:15. 7. Aaron Gardner, 56:36.  8. Adrian Dale, 57:31. 9. Dennis Versoza, 1:01:43. 10. Zebalon McLean, 1:03:50. 11. Patrick Ormond, 1:07:53. 12. Brandon Kartick,1:17:14. 13. Ruairi Bourke, 1:37:04. 14. Ravenal Santos, 1:37:07. 15. Michael Fay, 1:49.00.

Women: 1. Kim Struiken, 51:37.  2. Rosmond Johnson, 53:23. 3. Lauren Williamson, 57:54. 4. Chloe Harris. 57:58. 5. Gillian Plaxton, 1:02:26. 6. Debbie Bell, 1:03:55. 7. Kay Reddy, 1:05:15. 8. Ksenia Shvalova, 1:09:30. 9. Darwn Peters,1:10:57. 10. Kerry-Ann Dos Santos, 1:19:26. 11. Adel Smit, 1:19:30. 12. Natasha Ruscheinski, 1:20:03. 13. Simpa Ganadillo, 1:22:02. 14. Nedy Ador Dionicio, 1:26:25.

Walkers: 1. Shirley Liburd, 1:45:53. 2. Lorelei Cooper, 1:47:44. Kids: 1. Ava Ghiorse, 26:58.  2. Annabel Montgomery.