Struiken, Lindsay Top Field In Ceres Beef Island 10K


A chase pack of runners heading out during Saturday’s Ceres 10K Series Race on Beef Island

By Dean Greenaway

Clif Struiken won Saturday’s Ceres Juices 10K Series tour stop on Beef Island and Katrina Lindsday—third overall—was the top woman in the race that attracted 30 participants.

Struiken covered the three loops course in 36 minutes and 33 seconds while Lindsay finished in 42:08.

“I hoped to be a bit faster today, but I didn’t take into account the terrain was a bit hillier than expected, but the race was okay,” Struiken said. “Hopefully, next time, I can get a faster average pace. It’s not bad, but I can always improve.”

He said the 10K series this year is preparation for the Nov 30 Deloitte-Ogier BVI Half Marathon where his goal is to run under an hour and 20 minutes.

“The 10Ks are being used as a training to get that time right, so I hope the season finale will be a fast time for me, but the goal this year is the Half Marathon,” he pointed out. “Everything else is just training for that. I was away for a while travelling and not training but training is now going well. I have to get the miles in and have to get the speed up. The top speed is okay, but I have to work on maintaining the pace and just keep working on technique, keep working on stamina, stamina and stamina.”  

Lindsay said she was happy with her time.

“I quite enjoyed the loops,” she said. “Because we were looping and you could always see someone on the course to keep an eye on, I was able to maintain a good pace and I felt good, so I kept going.”

Lindsay who wasn’t a 10K fan, said they’re growing on her. She said that she’s now getting into a rhythm and feeling comfortable.

“It’s not my favorite distance though,” she quickly pointed out.  

Alton Bertie made his debut with Karate buddies Renard Estridge and Lennon DaBreo.

“Renard was like there’s this 10K lets go and I can’t turn down a challenge so I’m here,” said Bertie, 12th overall. “I felt good actually, wasn’t tired, burnt or anything. I guess all the training paid off.”

It was Estridge’s first 10K race and said he enjoyed it. “It was a good test,” he noted. “This helps keep up our endurance because when we start sparring, sparring is very difficult—you get your heart going, you have to throw those kicks—but, if you get that endurance through this kinda run, you’ll definitely do good in Karate. This was definitely a challenge. I was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.”

DaBreo believes he covered the distance before but his body sent the message.

“The first lap you felt good, the second lap you started to get burnt out and the third lap, you hit your runners high—that’s what it feels like for me,” he said. “This is the first time as a group, we’re doing a 10K. We’ve done 5K but haven’t even practiced for a 10K, so we’re in the deep off the bat and it’s a good challenge. I have good guys to keep me motivated as well as keeping them motivated and pushing each other.”