Streamlined & Friendlier Processing: Ag. Chief Immigration Officer Says


Recently appointed Acting Chief Immigration Officer, Geraldine Ritter-Freeman announced that there is a need for the services of the Immigration Department to be streamlined and friendlier.

During a GIS interview Mrs. Ritter-Freeman announced: “We have to streamline a number of our processes and procedures and make them a little bit more efficient… For example, where we have processes in Labour, Immigration and Customs, we want to streamline those processes and make them a little more-friendly.”

The need for a succession plan as was expressed in various other Government fora was also cited by the Acting CIO. She announced: “One of the immediate things that we want to do is look at strengthening our recruitment, retention and succession planning strategy. We want to take a fresh look at the organization, make an assessment of where we are, and determine our goals and objectives.”

“I think what is unique about the Department of Immigration is that you have skilled workers, you have workers who have an enormous amount of experience; we have a number of employees who have worked in the department for over 20-plus years. And so we want to bridge the gap between those seasoned officers and our new officers, and make sure that the department that we are building is comparable to any other department anywhere else, and that our policies are also comparative to any other country that we are looking at,” she further stated

Meanwhile, Mrs. Ritter-Freeman announced that all of the ports systems are being looked at with a hope to make the jobs of the officers easier: “It’s important that we modernize. We are looking at our systems at the ports – our electronic systems and hoping that we can give officers the right supplies – the right equipment that they need in order for them to carry out their jobs,” Ritter-Freeman added.