Stray Livestock Is a Major Priority For Shabazz


Fifth District Independent Candidate Abdull Shabazz announced that one of the first things he will do once elected is address the issue of stray livestock that has been plaguing the people of that  District.

Mr. Shabazz made the announcement during a radio broadcast that was aired on 1 June. “Number three on my proposal was the eradication of loose livestock which as you know the Fifth District has a District police, we do have a District police. I spoke with him today—I spoke as if I had already won and I said comeJune 9 you have to work with me to get a dart gun, because as soon as the people call we are going to dart those animals, catch them and do whatever we have to do with them, but this will be number one on my agenda.”

The candidate explained that he will be addressing the issue because farming is dear to him and because he understands the frustration of residents: “Every time I give someone a plant, or somebody has a plant and I go back and say well how this tree going they say boy Bazz the cow was here and they mash me up. The eradication of loose livestock is one of the things foremost on my proposal. All is foremost, but that is the easy fix I think,” he added.