Stray Cattle Nightmare To Be Addressed


The stray cattle issue that has affected residents for years is finally being attended to. The announcement was made by Deputy Premier and Minister for Natural Resources and Labour, Dr. the Hon. Kedrick Pickering.

For years, residents, especially those living in the Fifth District, complained about roaming cows that wreak havoc on their property and cause hindrance on public roads, however the problem persisted.

In the past, farmers from the Fifth District often took the radio to report loss because roaming cows demolished their farms. Reportedly, relief is now in sight as Hon. Pickering announced that Government will be addressing the problem.

During the 23 June sitting of the House of Assembly the Deputy Premier stated that through the Department of Agriculture his Ministry received numerous complaints from farmers and homeowners alike about the damage these stray animals cause.

“While the Department of Agriculture has always been engaged in efforts to reduce the numbers in the stray animal population, efforts are being ratcheted up to alleviate this problem through the implementation of a Strategic Feral Animal Control Management Plan,” Hon. Pickering said.

It was noted that the addressing of the stray cows is only one of the Ministry’s four pronged approach to rid the Territory of the feral (wild and uncultured) animal population. It was noted that the cows that cause the damage have owners, but are still roaming.

The Ministry estimates that there are 500 cattle being a nuisance to residents and businesses. In noting a solution Hon. Pickering said: “As it relates to the cattle population, the Department continues to use casting techniques and corralling.”