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Storm tame Pirates 9-5 in Softball warmup


Pirates catcher Kyle Callwood tags out the Macarecios’ Alphonso Tejada at the plate during Saturday night’s game

By Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

Knowing the strength of his old Pirates team, Allen “Woodrow” Smith who broke away to form Storm, relied on his veterans during a 9-5 victory, Saturday at the E. Walwyn Brewley Softball Park. 

The game was scoreless before Deputy Speaker Neville “Sheep” Smith gave up a 2-run home to center off the bat of the Pirates’ Tecius Frett, giving them the early 2-0 lead.

“A flat pitch, a simple mistake, that’s all. I was supposed to waste it and I didn’t waste it, as simple as that,” Smith told Island Sun Sports. “I’m good. Not tired or anything, just trying to get in the work—just throwing, throwing and throwing—the arm has no problem.”

Woodrow said it was a good game going 0-0 into the fourth inning, something he expected. “The team was set a little different to the last game but we still have somethings to work on—we aren’t there yet—but we’ll get there,” he told Island Sun Sports. “We went with the veterans because you know we were playing the Pirates. For me, it sends a bigger message because they had us held down for four innings and no runs. That’s not like the potential my team suppose to have. I have to check myself with that and we can’t allow that to continue.”

He said the aim is for the team to get fit, players gel and find their right positions. They’re not trying to dominate the warmup games either, but to see how everything fits.

Acknowledging it was a good game, Pirates first baseman Rico Penn noted they took the early lead then made some errors which gave Storm the upper hand. 

“We still fought and came back, scored a couple runs but we scored them a little too late,” he said. “We’ll be here to fight them another game. From my team I saw positivity, constant energy and we aren’t quitting. If they want to beat us, they have to beat us straight up with no kind of down spirit. We’re staying together. It’s just the preseason. When the league comes, it will be a different ballgame. One team, one dream. Pirates all the way.” 

Power Outage down Macarecios

Power Outage downed the Macarecios 14-9, in the second game. Manager Roy Barry said the game was totally different to their first game against Storm, a 14-4 victory, and his team didn’t show any competitiveness at all.

“I guess they said that the team from the Spanish community is a much easier team to play against, so they came out with their bats, really, really relaxed,” Barry noted, adding that his pitchers complained about the mound and pitched a lot of balls.  “With the mound being effective, I’m not afraid of any of the teams out there. We have to practice some more. We made quite a bit of mistakes despite the mound being uncomfortable, so we need to have some real constructive practices, so that we can be prepared when game time comes.”

Macarieos manager Junior Rodriguez, said Saturday’s game was better than their last outing.  He has drafted Reynold “Bushman” Corum—who hasn’t played in three year—and Brian Power” Scatliffe into the team as pitchers.