St. George’s Secondary Plans To Attract More Students


If all goes according to plan the St George’s Secondary School is expected to increase its student numbers this coming academic year. The plan to attract more students was disclosed by Chairman of the Board, Mr. Gerard StC. Farara Q.C. last week.

While speaking at the 29 June graduation ceremony for the School’s Secondary Division Queen’s Counsel Farara stated: “One of the goals which we have is that we need to increase the number of students in the school. We have set about to try to do that this year.”

The Chairman explained that the school’s population continues to grow but this year the Board would like to see a great increase in student enrolment: “Last year or this current year rather showed a modest increase in the number of students and therefore it seems that as they say — we are heading in the right direction, and we want to continue that into the new academic year.”

“We are trying to put certain things in place that would enhance the image of our school and make it more attractive to parents and this is especially important ladies and gentlemen when you look at the graduation class for the primary school –51 students graduated…from our primary school. The Minister of Education remarked that that was the second largest graduating class this year other than Althea Scatliffe. That is very significant and it is important that we in the secondary division capture as many of those students in the continuing process of education into the secondary division; and that is what we are trying to achieve going forward,” Mr. Farara stated.