Speedy Marriage To Boost BVI Tourism Product


The British Virgin Islands Events tourism product is expected to grow further with the passage of the Marriage Amendment Act which would allow persons to marry in the BVI on the same day, and facilitate cruise ship weddings.

Premier Smith in explaining the purpose of the Bill told the House of Assembly on 7 December that: “It (Bill) allows us here in the BVI to see a greater concentration or emphasis on events tourism. Events tourism is quite big and various types of events – marriage, honeymoon etc – is something that is sought after by many countries.”

In further noting how important the events and wedding market is to tourism destinations the Premier alluded to the fact that the BVI has made efforts to capture that sector: “As a matter of fact in the Tourist Board we have a section that deals with events…so we are actively promoting those events that are happening in the BVI whether they are on a cruise ship or they are on the land. So this legislation serves to facilitate what we are doing what we intend to do,” he said.

In fact the Tourist Board over the years has made efforts to move the Territory further into the events tourism sector particularly the wedding niche market.  Back in 2014 as part of the push the Board hosted a “Romance Business Symposium” on Thursday, 11 December, 2014 that featured Alan Berg, CSP, the wedding and event industry’s only certified speaking professional.

Berg the author of “If your website was an employee, would you fire it?”, “Don’t Paint the House!” and “Your Attitude for Success” addressed the gathering at a symposium that was held at the Maria’s By the Sea Hotel.

Prior to the workshop the Tourist Board elected a Board in 2013 for the revamped BVI Bridal Association. During the launch Registrar General, Stephanie Benn told the reformed Association that success is when preparation meets opportunity and that the right time for this campaign for weddings is now. She added that the new change of the required time a couple must stay in the Territory makes the BVI even more attractive to engaged couples.