Spanking Is Not The Way To Discipline Students: Minister Says


A brief public discourse on spankings in schools was raised last Sunday, and Minister for Education and Culture, Hon. Myron Walwyn was asked to elaborate on the matter.

Although the Minister organized his most recent Facebook Town Hall Meeting to garner opinion on the annual Festivals, he was prompted to address the subject of school spanking.

In raising the subject a resident noted that the issue of discipline in this manner is mentioned in the Bible, and therefore asked the Minister why the schools abandoned the practice. One resident said: “I hit my children especially if they cause any harm to other children in school… I don’t play that game and I told their teachers they best correct them when they in school cause if I have to do it, it wouldn’t be nice.”

However, that resident was told that even if parents give written consent to hit students they cannot.

In his response Hon. Walwyn said: “It is against our Education Act to discipline students in that manner. It is actually now universally understood that this is not the best practice to discipline children.”

However, the Minister did promise that the topic will be further explored at another forum: “I am going to look at this for a topic of discussion for another town hall,” he said.