Sopher’s Hole to Have Temporary Terminal


The taxi drivers and other person who made a living from working at the Sopher’s Hole jetty are having difficulties now that the West End ferry terminal is out of service and Leader of the Opposition and First District Representative, Hon. Andrew Fahie enquired from Government when a temporary solution would be put in place.

During the 8 March extended sitting of the House of Assembly the Leader of the Opposition noted that since hurricane Irma destroyed the dock ferries have been running from Road Town and he asked when the Red Hook to West End route might be reestablished.

In response Minister for Communication and Works Hon. Mark Vanterpool disclosed that Government has made an effort to secure a temporary facility. The Minister told the House: “In order for the operation to resume a temporary building has been ordered for the Sopher’s Hole ferry terminal and was expected to be shipped on the 19 February. It is expected to arrive in the Territory shortly and it would be erected shortly thereafter.”

Mr. Vanterpool said that his Ministry is hoping to have a temporary terminal operational by the end of April this year. He noted that the Ports Authority is currently considering a trailer to house the Customs and other similar operations at the Sopher’s Hole jetty.

However, the Minister said that he cannot say if the Port will purchase this retrofitted trailer that is being discussed. “They are having discussions on the matter… (and) in terms of what might be available to them to assist especially the Customs in the execution of their duties at Sopher’s Hole.”