Sopher’s Hole Jetty To Be Operative In November


By next month the Sopher’s Hole Jetty or temporary West End ferry terminal will be functioning in a somewhat pre-Irma state after being down for a year. The announcement was made by Minister for Communications and Works, Hon. Mark Vanterpoon on 1 October during the NDP radio program.

Hon. Vanterpool announced, “We are looking at opening that port sometime in November. We are doing some things right now to prepare for that with temporary buildings we are putting down there. We are hoping to have the passenger traffic in that area by mid-November.”

“So we are working towards that, and we want to see it opened a little while before Christmas so that we can have traffic from St. Thomas coming up back,” he added.

The post Irma situation at the West End ferry terminal has been lamented extensively by Leader of the Opposition, and First District Representative, Hon Andrew Fahie.  The Leader of the Opposition complained that the taxi drivers and other person who made a living from working at the Sopher’s Hole jetty are having difficulties now that the West End ferry terminal is out of service.

For months the Leader of the Opposition enquired from Government when a temporary solution would be put in place.