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Softball makes post Irma comeback with two games


Synergy’s Captain Dr. Kinesha “Ken Pow” Powell, follows through on her swing against Dat’s Ya Problem

By Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

Two warmup games on Saturday ahead of the delayed BVI Softball Association season because of COVID-19, marked the first games played on the E. Walwyn Brewley Softball Park since Sept 3, 2017, in the Raymundo “Mundo” Boynes Inter Island Softball Tournament. Three days later, Hurricane Irma struck on Sept 6.

In Saturday’s opening game, Synergy—a compilation of the former Pythons players who won a record 66 straight games and garnished with some new players—pummeled defending champions Dats Ya Problem, 13-1, before an appreciative crowd of fans. 

Dr. Kinesha “Kenpow” Powell told Island Sun Sports and she liked the way her team performed and hoped they continue to practice.

“I liked the fact that today the team seem very encouraged and their positive minds,” she said. “I hope they continue to practice and I’m looking forward for the league starting back.”

Taking down Dats Ya Problem the way they did was an easy effort she said and they’re looking forward to continue doing that and winning the title.

“You can count on Synergy to go home with the title,” Dr. Powell predicted. “I’m migrating and won’t be here for most of the league but personally, they don’t even need me to win. From a pitching standpoint, I think our team is the strongest team.”

Taylia “Tweety Bird” Nibbs said her team couldn’t find its way as players were unsure of where they should be on the field during plays and they were too anxious with the bat. She likes the energy Synergy brought to the game and she promised they’ll match them in the next encounter.

“Tell them don’t get too happy. Don’t get too excited, we’re coming back,” Nibbs promised. “And we’re coming back powerful.”

In the men’s game, Power Outage turned back newcomers Storms, 14-4. Manager Roy Barry said it’s the first game they have been able to play since the Sea Cows Bay Village League and hadn’t been able to practice due to the COVID-19 lockdown.  

“I thought it was very well played, you can see that the guys are out of shape, but we were still able to make contact,” Barry noted. That’s very important that we can make contact with the pitches. The most important part is that the pitcher must get in shape because I see where he walked quite a bit of batters today and if he didn’t walk those batters, they probably wouldn’t have had any runs. The offensive output has been great and I expect it to just get better.”

Barry described his pitcher Jeremy “Chicken” Penn as ‘a fighter’ and if his other pitcher is unavailable, he’ll got out there and do the job he’s asked. 

  Allen “Woodrow” Smith who’s bringing Storms into the league said he’s not disappointed by the loss as the game provide the first opportunity for his team to play together. As a team that has several persons who were bench players on other teams, everyone got an opportunity to play so they could be evaluated. Smith said that he was excited by what he saw of his team that includes pitcher Hon. Neville “Sheep” Smith and second baseman Hon. Kye Rymer. 

“To me, although we lost, it was a good game,” Smith said. “The only shortfall I see in the team at this point is the catching. Sherwin (Fahie) is a catcher but if he has to catch Sheep and I with the moving pitches, we have to get in synch. We have to get the practices in but there’s always a backup plan.”

Smith who was in the last game played on Sept 3, 2017 before Hurricane Irma and the first men’s game after, said it wasn’t important to him, but two things stood out.

“We got the girls and guys into the feeling of softball again and as you look around into the stands, there were two practice games and the stands were full of people with nothing to play for, just a practice game,” he noted. “That means the people are excited about getting softball back.”