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Social Media Allegations & Rumors Unfounded: Premier Fahie


Claims that persons who are supposed to be in quarantine are wandering the Territory were rubbished by Premier and Minister for Finance Hon. Andrew Fahie as empty gossip.

The claims were driven by the fact that on 3 June British Virgin Islanders who were trapped out of the Territory since the border closed on 22 March began returning and were required to remain confined to private quarantine accommodations. However, there were social media claims that these persons were not adhering to the requirement.

Following the concerns that this claim raised throughout the Territory, Premier Fahie addressed the matter during the debate of the Trade Commission on the 8 June sitting of the House of Assembly. Hon. Fahie declared that the claims were just rumors. “We know we live in a Territory that is long on rumours and short on facts. And the rumours get out there, especially on social media now, it gets out there so heavy…”

While stating that the claim that persons who were supposed to be in quarantine are wandering the roads got to his hearing the Premier said that the investigation could not find any facts to support the claim. “We heard some rumours this weekend about persons who came in and they about on the streets and we went and we looked into all of those and up to now, up to this point, we have found them not to be factual. But, if you talk to most people in the BVI it is out there so heavy it seems like the truth because there is 24-hour security. Yes, there are areas they have to adjust but not to the level or to the point like what we have seen coming on social media.”

According to Hon. Fahie the person/s who made the claim even mentioned names of allegedly quarantine breakers; but even this, the BVI Leader announced was false: “When we checked on the names these persons were here before the first lockdown but they were inside and didn’t come out. Now they see them they say they got here all of a sudden and then persons saying how come.”

“The individual who allegedly made the claim on social media was reportedly questioned about the claim and could not properly substantiate the report: “They said it was a friend that told them; but if you didn’t see it don’t post it,” Hon. Fahie declared with concern.