Former Managing Director of the BVI Ports Authority (BVIPA), Claude Skelton-Cline announced on Tuesday 28 May that he intends to appeal the dismissal of his case against the former Government of the Virgin Islands.

Last week the matter which lingered in court for more than two years was dismissed, but the decision is not favored by Skelton-Cline who was mum on the matter for days. In finally breaking his silence on the court’s decision the former BVIPA managing director made a quick comment on his radio program: “I sued the last [NDP] government some time ago and that case got dismissed with no cause after the first instance allowed me judicial review. There are some queries that I have had from the media, but I always speak at a time and place of my own choosing and given the counsel of my general Counsel I will be appealing that matter. It cannot be allowed to stand as it is.”

Skelton-Cline sought legal recourse in 2016 after Cabinet decided not to renew his contract, despite recommendation for continuation of tenure from the BVIPA Board. In September 2016 following a judicial review, clearance was given for the matter to proceed to court.

The case continued up to May 2018 when it was concluded with a promise from High Court Justice Vicki Ann Ellis that the decision will be handed down in shortly.

As he awaited the Judge’s decision the Former Managing Director stated: “Any day now we will hear from the court. I expect it just on the case of justice and rationality and decency and fairness to receive a favorable judgement.”

During his program Honestly Speaking on 17 July 2018 Skelton-Cline announced that he has only been able to share 31 percent of the details about the Ports debacle because the case was before the court.

“I have been giving you some updates on some of the Pier Park project, of which I was intimately a part of… I think I was at 31 percent…Over the last two and a half years of course I was constrained by lawyers and constrained by a matter that was before the courts that ended on 7 May, and any day now we are expecting the call for a court date for the judgment on the matter.”

He said that as he awaited the judgment he is still going to share some of the details, but noted that some information his lawyer has cautioned him not to disclose: “While I am still constrained to some degree there are some things that we can share,” Skelton-Cline declared.