Sixty-Five Naturalised As British Overseas Territory Citizens


NATURALISATION-2014Wednesday, May 7, 2014 – 11:34am

Sixty-five persons received certificates of naturalisation as British Overseas Territory Citizens at a Naturalisation ceremony held at Government House yesterday.

His Excellency the Governor Mr. Boyd McCleary, CMG, CVO delivering brief remarks at the ceremony after he distributed the certificates and congratulated the recipients shared, “This is a highly enriching process, from which both you as individuals and the BVI as a Territory gain.  It has to be achieved within a clear set of rules and procedures.  But, the controlled intermingling of cultures, ways of thinking, knowledge and skills, if properly managed, brings with it very clear and tangible benefits and rewards.”

“As upright citizens you will need little reminding of the absolute prerogative to maintain cohesion in our society and the role that each one of us can play and the contribution we can make.  A society which does not share essential values and allegiances will suffer,” His Excellency said.

He added, “All of you will of course already have demonstrated a commitment to the British Virgin Islands over many years in diverse and varied fields of activity, reflecting the BVI’s own rich and developing economy.  But it would be wrong to let this occasion pass without stressing the importance of your commitment to the BVI, now reinforced with the acquisition of nationality.”

Premier and Minister of Finance Dr. the Honourable D. Orlando Smith, OBE delivering congratulatory remarks said, “It gives me great pleasure to congratulate you on this milestone.  It no doubt signifies that you have adopted and embraced the fundamental values and ideals which bind us as a Territory.”

The Premier added, “Over the years, you would have gained a greater appreciation for our history and the foundations on which this Territory was built.  As your life journey continues, I encourage you to share our story, which is now your story.  Learn the lyrics to Oh Beautiful Virgin Islands so that the pride and foundations of whom we are as Virgin Islanders becomes innate and not a far distant thought.”

Registrar-General, Mrs. Stephanie Benn chaired the ceremony and in her remarks encouraged the prospective citizens to reach out and touch someone’s life.    She said, “As you become new citizens, I charge you to take the time to reach out and touch somebody’s hand and make the BVI a better place, as you stated when you affirmed your Pledge of Loyalty and Oath of Allegiance to Her Majesty the Queen.”

Following the presentation of certificates, the new citizens took an Oath of allegiance to the Queen and Pledge of Loyalty to the Virgin Islands.

Naturalisation is a process under the British Nationality Act of 1981 and the Virgin Islands Constitution Order of 2007 by which persons can become citizens of the Virgin Islands while as a result of the British Overseas Territories (BOT) Act of 2002; British citizenship was extended to all BOT citizens. Persons naturalised as BOT citizens following the enactment of the Act on May 21, 2002, do not automatically become British citizens but are eligible to register as British citizens.

The newly Naturalised Citizens are:-

Juliet Bernadette Alphonso Ruthilia Maximea
Angelita May Bernard Urbana Maria Morillo Castillo
Stanley Augustus Bernard Terrance Basil Neale
Barrington George Bess Garfield Wayne Boyd Neita
Luenda Elease Bobb Marcos Edgardo Nisbett Faulkner
Lenard Stanley Mitcham Bridgewater Ruperto Alberto Nisbett Faulkner
Bridget Anetha Bristol Abayna Maricia Monica Norford-Devonish
Ronia Aneita Brown-Jack Cesar Genaro Padilla Grant 
Anna Riekje Bullimore Grace Louisa Phillip-James
Jessica Latoya Charles Haitram Ramgobin
Tamieka Ruth Christopher Savitri Ramgobin
Drupatie Dasrath Leydi Valentina Richards Ferreras
Nandalal Dasrath Ruben Alonso Richards Jesus
Manuel Antonio Faulkner Mayrobi Edaliza Richards Rodriguez
Joycelyn Venetta Fielteau Anthony Johnson Roy Rodgers
Carol Suzan Francis Verney Beverley Seymour-O’Neal
Christine Lucia Fraser Nadira Veronica Singh
Yvette Marilyn Freeman Julian Keith Smith
Arthur Colville Grant Leshaugh Arreo Smith
Dorcas Esther Evangeline Harris-Smith Santa Hermia Smith
Angela Arabella Harry Shirley Anne Smith
Ama Asantewaa Hodge Natividad Solano-Thomas
Julian Sebastian Jackson Compton Rockliffe Sommersel
Genise Nadia Chevelle Jessamy Martin Rodrigues Stephens
Roslyn Maria Jessop Jennifer Patricia Stevens
Carolus Anthony John Elizabeth Vinzen
Cheryl Erasma John Agnes Wallace
Janice Susana King Strassman Alexander Wallace
Jessica King Job Nathaniel Ward 
Oswald Gregory King Cheryl Althea Williams
Komal Narine Lutawan Marsha Alicia Williams
Chantal Roseline Marquis Kishayne Clarence Wright
Iris Mason-Gumbs