Sixth District Shocked By Senseless Assassination


The 10th August shooting of 25-year-old Jerry Castro-Felix sent shock waves in the Purcell community, and Sixth District Representative, Hon. Alvera Maduro-Caines is pleading for information relating to the murder.

The District Representative raised the matter in the House of Assembly on 14 August stating that killings of any kind affect not only the family of the victim, but the community, and Territory as a whole.

While speaking on the matter during the Other Business segment of the House of Assembly Hon. Maduro-Caines said. “It is never an easy thing for families when they have to bury someone so young. I made a plea for us to stop this senseless killing, not just of the youth; but the senseless killing of everyone.”

Hon. Maduro-Caines said, “You don’t just kill one person but the entire family is being destroyed mentally and physically when things like this happen, so I am pleading for us to stop this killing and I am appealing to all to pray, pray for our young people; especially the males.”

While calling for prayer the Sixth District Representative said:  “It is like there is something in the atmosphere to take out our male seed, we have to get together and pray…Some may laugh and think it is funny by what I say, but the evidence speaks for itself for the past couple of years.”

Last Friday following the news of the death of Castro-Felix  Hon. Maduro-Caines made a call for those with information to come forward. “It is possible that there is some information that can lead to quickly solving this crime. If the people of Purcell want to maintain a safe community, I encourage you to assist the police with their investigation. Tonight and every day we can choose the type of communities we want to live in, by choosing not to shield criminal activity nor shelter criminals.”

“When anyone dies we often find ourselves reflecting on the life of the person. The tragedy of this incident immediately plunged me into a deep reflection, and all I can think about Jerry is that he was a quiet young man, known to all of us as harmless, friendly and well-loved. My heart goes out to his mother and family and to all the boys on the block and people of Purcell whom are his family too,” Hon. Maduro-Caines added.