Shotguns; Paintball Guns Prohibited Under New Firearms Act


The Royal Virgin Islands Police Force is notifying the public that under the new Firearms and Air Gun (Amendment) Act 2015, passed by the House of Assembly and assented to by the Governor, all shotguns and paint ball guns are prohibited. Current licenced owners are now required to hand these weapons in to Police.

Owners can apply to the Commissioner of Police for an exemption under section 7(2) of the Firearms and Air Guns (Amendment) Act 2015. Exemption can also be granted by National Security Council.

Prohibited also is any firearm made up in the form of a propelling pen or pencil, capable of being used for discharging gas, bullets, shot, dye or pyrotechnic flares or is capable of discharging any irritant in liquid, powder, gas or chemical form, any pyrotechnic flare or dye, or any article known as a paint ball.

Prohibited also is any firearm that appears to be some other article such as a walking stick, cane or key ring in order to disguise or conceal the fact that it is a firearm, and any cannon or other weapon which will expel a projectile by the action of an explosive or other propellant, even if it is intended for life saving or distress signaling purposes.


Prohibited also is any device known as a powerhead that can be attached to the end of a spear gun and is designed to propel a projectile by means of an explosive and any electrical weapon such as that which is commonly known as Taser.

Persons are encouraged to view the entire list of prohibited firearms under the new Firearm and Air Gun (Amendment) Act by visiting the Virgin Islands Gazette Register for free and view the Act on the website’s recent publications under its May 11 issue.